DSM: More management information with fewer people

DSM: More management information with fewer people

Within DSM important reorganizations are taking place worldwide. One of the issues is the restructuring of the financial activities. A major question is how to provide information to our stakeholders in a smart manner? Interdobs was challenged to prove that SAP Business Intelligence can indeed be used to develop a reporting tool by means of which fewer people can generate more information. A Proof of Concept. This test case, once proven and realized, would form the basis for a global project.

The aim of the Proof of Concept was twofold:

  1. Show that the reporting & analysis tools can deliver the intended results within the requirements determined for the financial restructuring.
  2. Test whether the financial data sets of the various business units can be harmonized in 1 data set.

Guy de Bruyne, project manager:

,,One of the aspects of this restructuring involved the realization of a central reporting solution with standard reports in all business units. A tool that managers can use themselves to retrieve analyses fast and simple. Analyses that answer questions like: Does the sales volume deviate from the budget in volume and amount? What is the difference compared to previous periods? And which clients or products are responsible for this deviation? On purpose we did not so much as explain our wishes, but more our intention: “What is our goal”. Thus giving Interdobs the opportunity to design a test case using their creativity and knowledge.


Functionality reporting & analysis tool:

  • Analytical capacities (i.e. filter, sort and an option for predictive measurements)
  • Complete self-service (prepared data)
  • Visual possibilities (charts, tables to be adjusted by users)
  • Possibility to cooperate (share information and experiences)
  • Distribution by means of pdf and integration with MS Office

Result and experience

,,One of the important challenges Interdobs was faced with was to turn the not-harmonized data we delivered to them into harmonized data. To convert data into information alone requires special skills. Interdobs delivered a Proof of Concept of very good quality.

Not everyone within the organization was convinced that SAP BI would have the analysis capacities to convert our requirements into a smart working tool. Interdobs managed to resolve this skepticism completely. With their knowledge and experience they proved that SAP BI could indeed make it possible”