User-friendly and better quality reports

User-friendly and better quality reports

For BAM Infra NL, the reason to change over to SAP Business Intelligence was the need for uniform recording and reporting.  Thanks to this changeover controllers can now process the many data much more efficiently, which also results in better quality reports.

From bridges, sluice gates and runways to road construction and soil remediation, BAM Infra NL builds the infrastructure in and around Dutch cities. Until 2015 the BAM Infra companies operated independently, each having their own method of processing and recording data. After the various BAM Infra companies were merged into 1 umbrella organization, it became clear that uniform recording and reporting would be absolutely essential.


Willem van Stam, interim controller/finance manager:
,,Working with so many different software tools, in practice resulted in differences between the data definitions which, of course, also affected the output. Therefore it was difficult to compare, for example, the productivity data of the various business units. Furthermore, the involved controllers needed a great deal of time to process the data manually.”

BAM Infra NL’s specific requirements were

  • Generate uniform financial reports
    The reports should meet the information requirements of the stakeholders (controllers, management, board of directors BAM Infra and BAM Group).
  • Process existing information in an automated, uniform and accessible way
    This should minimize the workload to develop and interpret reports, thus leaving more time to manage on the basis of the generated information.

Primary changes

Through Business Intelligence (BI) one can measure the successfulness of an organization, as well as how to make it work smarter. The data from the various business processes are being gathered and combined in order to make analyses and initiate improvements eventually. ,,Thanks to BI the data are more accessible and the reports more user-friendly. As a result we now look differently at our data, which clearly benefits our business processes.”

In the first phase of the project at BAM Infra 2 reporting fields were in scope, Human Resources and Finance. The biggest change being that the large number of different software tools can be accessed through 1 reporting environment. For hour registration alone, for example, we use dozens of different tools. We can now visualize a complete insight in the hour registration of BAM Infra in 1 report.
Interdobs has laid the foundation so that BAM Infra can now take the next step to extend the reporting range. ,,We only improved 2 fields, but there are many more. For example in the sales cycle this working method is highly desirable. It also offers the possibility to disclose information on a more detailed level, enabling us to make reports of even better quality.”

Why Interdobs?

,,Interdobs has much experience and the cooperation was very pleasant from the beginning. They do not only have technical know-how, but also financial knowledge. Because we speak the same language, it was possible to react quickly. This was strengthened by the fact that the team worked on-site. On top of that the team was very creative in finding solutions for our specific requirements.”