Total unburdening of SAP BI and SAP HANA environments

Managed Services by Interdobs

Our managed services for SAP BI relieve you from the daily monitoring of your SAP BW systemWe do this based on several pillars: cooperation, ease and trust! In our service level agreement (SLA) there is, in addition to the standard administration tasks, room for including your specific needs. Interdobs represents solid and flexible execution of SAP managed services.

1st Line Support functional

Interdobs handles the 1st line when it comes to the monitoring of your data loads; Your Key Users provide 1st line internally support towards business user questions and problems. If your Key Users need help, they can (through notification of an incident) turn to the professionals of your Interdobs support team.

2nd line functional support

Not all incidents or questions can be resolved or answered immediately. In that case, the relevant incident scaled up to our 2nd line support.

  • Solving the incidents by our professionals which we reported by your Key Users via the 1st line;
  • If the incident can not be resolved within the agreed period, you receive an analysis of the incident and estimation of the expected costs. This way you are not confronted with any surprises.


Our partnership is fueled by collaboration, ease and trust. Thus it can occur that an incident can turn into a change within your system or business process. For changes the first step is a clear functional design of the new features defined by the Key User. On that basis, our professionals create a technical specification, together with an impact analysis. On that basis, you can decide how to proceed.


The key components of our managed services:

Component 1 – Service Desk & Service Management

Our help desk is the first point of contact for inquiries and reporting incidents. The right people are engaged in the Interdobs organization so that an adequate solution is found as soon as possible. Service Management & Coordination ensures that the required services are provided and that Interdobs provides its services in accordance with the agreed service levels.

Component 2 – Production support (incidents)

This type of support is focused on the dissolution of production disruptions, with the aim to make the service available to the maximum extent .

Component 3 – Changes

Executing requests for change (RFC) that are registered via our Service Management tool will only be implemented after your formal authorization. Interdobs informs you regarding the required capacity, turnaround time and cost

Component 4 – Preventive maintenance

This includes proactive and reactive system maintenance, such as monitoring of all scheduled SAP BW jobs and monitoring the SAP BW system performance.