SAP Consultancy

Leading the field of SAP HANA and Business Intelligence

Interdobs is the leading SAP service provider for Business Intelligence in The Netherlands. We offer advice, management and project support in the field of SAP products for data modeling, data analysis, reporting, dashboarding, predictive analysis and HANA. The knowledge and experience of our consultants combined with the right approach and mentality makes us stand out in this market.


Using Business Intelligence (BI) helps us discover how an organization is performing and what we can do to improve it. We do this by measuring different business processes and  combining  this information. We will use the results to implement potential improvements.

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Datawarehousing, the extraction and modeling of  data from source systems for analytical and reporting purposes, is crucial for using the front-end tools to their fullest potential. A well designed and professionally built data model is the foundation for a solid SAP BI environment.

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We can nearly not imagine a world without ‘In-memory-computing’. Things like “real time, self service Business Intelligence” and ” unlimited data exploration on Big Data” are already possible but this is just the beginning. The innovations in the primary processes are no longer a science fiction.

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