A stable platform with data from multiple datasources and one version of the truth

Front-end tools have evolved greatly over the last few years. This has resulted in end users who are more capable to transform and use data to make more informed decisions. This development unfortunately moved the attention for the phenomenon of data warehousing to the background.

This is unfortunate since data warehousing, the extraction and modeling of this data from source systems for analytical and reporting purposes, is crucial for using the front-end tools to their fullest potential.  A well designed and professionally built data model is the foundation for a solid SAP BI environment.  It provides a single version of the truth with all relevant historical, current and future management information. The collaboration between business and technical experts is crucial in order to obtain a good data model. Interdobs, like no other, can provide and facilitate you with this process. Our approach uses a set of ‘data modeling best practices’ that we have developed over the years. LSA and, with the arrival of HANA, LSA++ have been great and useful resources that we knowledgably apply at our clients.

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During the introduction of S/4HANA in 2015 it was clear: S/4HANA brings unprecedented opportunities for operational reporting, but a good answer with regards to data in historical perspective was still lacking. Combine this with the increasingly demand for “Agile Data Warehousing”, with a multiple sources and “last but not least,” without replication.

The answer to all these questions is: BW/4HANA!


  1. Less BI landscape complexity through less data processing, less data storage, less objects and less code
  2. Open BI landscape through seamless integration with systems like S/4HANA, Hadoop and other cloud and on-premise systems
  3. Seamless integration with front-end tools like BusinessObjects Cloud and the on-premise BO suite

Interdobs and her partner have jointly developed a clear strategy for migrating to BW/4HANA: the BW/4HANA accelerator.

No matter how fast HANA is, data first needs to be extracted, unified, transformed and interpreted before it can be used as information. ETL through SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) will continue to have an essential place with the arrival of HANA. BODS can load into in-memory databases, like HANA. SAP HANA also offers an ‘out of the box’ solution for the retrieving and presenting of data using as primary tools the XS Engine, the Direct Extractor Connection and the XS Engine. The SLT-agent can establish a real-time replica of data for both SAP as well as Non-SAP systems. A separate SLT-server can potentially be arranged to accommodate this. The Direct Extractor Connection uses the available data sources (generic as well as Business Content) within the information system to load the data into SAP HANA. By presenting the data in a relatively easy way, through HTML and the web, the XS-engine can potentially be used for presenting. Initially this option was only destined to be used for data from Attribute Views, but by using SP05 this is now also possible through Analytical Views. Of course ETL through SAP BW will still be another possibility to use. Many companies have significantly invested in their SAP BW environment. The arrival of new technology and ETL scenarios (HANA, BODS, SLT)  open up many new options. The most ideal one should fit in the context of your business. Using our experience we can help you make the best future-proof choices for your SAP BI!