BI Health Scans

Continuous improvement of your BI and SAP HANA environment

SAP Business Intelligence solutions are used by many companies. In general, customers are very satisfied immediately after the implementation, the new solution smoothly provides the requested information. After a period of intense use advancing business insights and changes in information requirements the solution needs to be revised. Think of things like: SAP BI does not provide the correct control information; retrieving the information takes too much time; supporting the environment takes a disproportionate amount of time. In short, the Business Intelligence environment no longer fits the expectations of the customer. With our BI Health solution Interdobs will quickly assess the relevant problem area’s and formulates a concrete improvement plan.

HANA Post Migration Optimizer

Generally customers are very satisfied after an implementation of “SAP BW on HANA” or a SAP BW migration to “SAP BW on HANA”. However, in many cases, a variety of potential improvements are not fully realized during the deployment or migration.

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DataVard BW Fitness Test

The Gartner-awarded SAP BW Fitness Test provides you with a starting point on how to make your system more effective and cut operations budgets. Based on over 70 key indicators the BW Fitness Test analyzes your SAP system, identifies its strengths and weaknesses.

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DataVard Heatmap

Many organizations miss important insight into how to categorize information and reports. They also fail to prioritize and determine the cost of information. The DataVard Heatmap gives you insight into which SAP BW data really is used by your organization.

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BW/4HANA Accelerator

At the introduction of S/4HANA in 2015 it was already obvious: S/4HANA offers unprecedented opportunities for operational reporting, but not for the storage of historical data. Then also consider the increasingly important demand for “Agile Data Warehousing” in combination with multiple sources and “last but not least” without replication. The solution is BW/4HANA.

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