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Our BW/4HANA migration strategy

At the introduction of S/4HANA in 2015 it was already obvious: S/4HANA offers unprecedented opportunities for operational reporting, but not for the storage of historical data.

Then also consider the increasingly important demand for “Agile Data Warehousing” in combination with multiple sources and “last but not least” without replication.

The solution is BW/4HANA.


Less complexity in the landscape resulting from less data processing, less storage, less objects and less code.

Openness through seamless integration with systems such as S/4HANA, Hadoop and other cloud and on-premise systems.

Openness also towards front-end tools such as BusinessObjects Cloud and the on-premise BO suite.


Together with its partners Interdobs has developed an explicit strategy for the migration to BW/4HANA. This is done by means of a number of specific, predefined steps:

  1. Analyzing the use of your present BW solution by means of the DataVard’s awarded “BW Fitness Test”. This analysis enables us to optimize your database, clear it and drastically reduce the volume.
  2. The “BW Fitness Test” also contains a detailed section on the compatability of BW/4HANA compared to your current system. In one glimpse you will see exactly what moving to BW/4HANA means for your current landscape. The “BW/4HANA Readiness check” is a unique part of our migraton approach and you, our customer will greatly beneft from it’s insights!
  3. A “spot on” sizing estimation of the HANA database as well as of an NLS storage strategy using the “Outboard” NLS solution. You will therefore never pay too much for your HANA environment.
  4. The automated testing of the HANA migration by means of “pre and post snapshots” using DataVard’s “KATE”.
  5. Determining the best new BI architecture using our Architecture optimization services. Meaning for example less layers in the data warehouse, HANA optimized objects and concrete advice on the newest modeling techniques.
  6. A clear advice on the best transition strategy, the pros and cons of each approach and an accurate cost estimate!


Of course a BW/4HANA system too needs maintenance. Our support will therefore not stop after the implementation of BW/4HANA, but we continue to make sure your HANA investment is safeguarded, also after a go-live.
To optimize HANA we use our in-house developed “Post Migration Optimizer” that has already been very successful with many of our customers. The PMO scan can be seen as a subscription to our BI-team visiting you every 6 months.

During these visits we will assess the system, measuring to which extent the recommended improvements have been implemented successfully and whether any new issues have developed.


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