DataVard BW Fitness Test

The Gartner award winning SAP BW Fitness Test

DataVard-logoThe Gartner-awarded SAP BW Fitness Test provides you with a starting point on how to make your system more effective and cut operations budgets. Based on over 70 key indicators the BW Fitness Test analyzes your SAP system, identifies its strengths and weaknesses and offers actionable recommendations. This helps you to maximize the return on current investments before investing in new technologies such as hardware upgrades, BW Accelerator (BIA/BWA) or SAP HANA.

As a result you will get:

Comprehensive As-IS analysis

Benchmark with 150+ other systems

Increase of systems’ performance and stability

Control of system growth and security

Hands-on recommendations

BW Fitness Test supports you especially if you want to undergo major changes or optimizations in your system. This can be:

Evaluation or proof of concept for SAP HANA

Nearline Storage (SAP NLS) or Archiving

Upgrade to 7.30/7.31

Data model changes, resp. LSA / LSA++ implementation


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