DataVard Heatmap

Understanding which SAP BW data really is used

Many organizations miss important insight into how to categorize information and reports. They also fail to prioritize and determine the cost of information. The DataVard Heatmap gives you insight into which SAP BW data really is used by your organization.

HeatMap is DataVard’s solution for BW Operational Intelligence by collecting its own set of system statistics. Through predefined “collectors” HeatMap helps you to continuously improve your SAP system by detecting inefficiencies and improvement opportunities in the areas of performance, data management and data loading.

With HeatMap you get important real-time insight on the usage of your BW system and you will be able to answer key questions about its operation:

Which set of data is the most important to our users and is the most used?

What information (and in which time interval) are actually used and how often?

How is the performance of my key data?

Is application ``X`` still used as designed?

With Heatmap you have an automated solution that will show the real use of the BW system. It provides the insights needed for a data retention strategy: what data the organization really uses and which data can be deleted or archived. A better determination of your “cold” data is not possible. You can use facts and figures for in your discussions with your business counterparts!

The Heatmap data can be directly displayed in your BW system. Would you prefer to report through the web? This is of course also possible. The HeatMap has its own Fiori app!

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