HANA Post Migration Optimizer

Our best practices in the area of HANA optimizations

Generally customers are very satisfied after an implementation of “SAP BW/4HANA” or a SAP BW migration to “SAP BW/4HANA”. However, in many cases, a variety of potential improvements are not fully realized during the deployment or migration.

This is mainly due to too much emphasis on the HANA technical transition during the implementation and the benefits offered by HANA are not fully realized. Often deliberately chosen for shorter lead times, lower budget and sometimes due to a lack of knowledge within the project.

Both functional and “deeply under water” there can be made all kinds of improvements to let the system reap the full benefits of SAP HANA. Three examples of this are:

eliminating unnecessary cube layers

replacing old ABAP with HANA-ready code

tuning the system so that as much as possible OLAP is pushed the HANA database

Another optimization is more procedural. The management of a “BW on HANA system” is substantially different from management of a regular BW system. Again, this requires the right attention. With our BI Health Check we will identify current problems, but we also formulate an actionable improvement plan.

BI Health Check

Our “BI Health Check” is characterized by a pragmatic and accessible approach aimed at delivering concrete results. The product consists of four complementary components:

BI Basis Scan

The BI Basic Scan is an analysis of the “Housekeeping” on your BI system. At this stage we analyze EarlyWatch SAP reports, but also key processes and activities that enable a stable and best performing BI system. Our BI experts advise specific Housekeeping controls for both BW and for HANA, making sure significant improvements in HANA are enabled. With the convenience of the BI Basic Scan, you will in one day, understand the basic operation of your system and you will have the assurance that your system has an optimal availability.

BI Application Scan

During this second phase of our BI experts will perform a functional deep dive on your BW4/HANA application. Using our tools, we analyze the performance of your BW4/HANA system when it comes to:

  • Non-optimized data streams and Data carriers
  • Non-optimized (custom) programs
  • Periodic data loading processes (process chains)
  • Use of reports (queries)
  • The use of planning functions (Think of SAP Integrated Planning (IP) or Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC))

BI Architecture Scan

The final stage is critical when it comes to security and preserving your return on investment. This architecture scan provides a framework for making your system “future proof” when it comes to the scalability of the system. You can think of:

  • (Transition to) Optimal scalability (LSA ++)
  • • Limiting excess data carriers (double data storage or redundant processing)

BI Organization Scan

In one day the Interdobs team will assess the BI organization and will formulate an improvement plan for you. During the scan, the following areas are analyzed:

  • Information needs end users
  • BI management processes
  • BI organization
End result: Presentation

After this initial scan, our findings and associated recommendations are discussed with your IT department and user organization. This gives you the assurance that the future foundation is laid for a process of continuous improvement, so that your system maintains optimum performance. Based on the scan results the BI Health team delivers a report which contains the following components:

Descriptive Summary

Description of issues

Solution direction

Approach for Implementation

BI Health Subscription

Health BI subscription gives you the convenience of continuously support in maintaining a healthy SAP BW system. The BI Health subscription is an assurance that scan results really dealt with. Every six months, our BI team will perform a BI Health assessment. During this assessment we will measures the extent to which the recommended improvements have been implemented successfully and whether there new problems have arisen. Recommended improvements can be implemented by your own organization, but of course we are happy to facilitate executing these improvements however needed.

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