Fiori for BW

Fiori is the response from SAP on the somewhat boring, complex SAP transactions, where the user experience is central. Instead of standardized transactions personalized applications are presented, which are closely related to the daily workflow. The applications are actually designed from the user perspective, so: role-based, simple and coherent. Fiori comes with a modern, simplified user interface, through which Business Suite transactions can be run on any device.

Seamlessly integrating BW queries with Fiori

Interdobs and innovations go hand in hand. We are always on the lookout for finding innovative solutions for you, our customers. Our goals has always been to deliver valuable business information to your end users in the most user friendly, efficient and reliable way. We know that all our customer are unique. We see that in the business processes, analytical needs and last but not least, in the system landscape. You run HANA, BusinessObjects, Fiori, BW and BEx. Every customer is different and every system landscape is different. Interdobs strives to deliver a fitting solution for all our customers. With SAP Fiori for BW we have found a unique solution towards one type of customers: Fiori users with a BW landscape!


Our solution

Our Data Visualization solutions have proven to be successful. Combining BusinessObjects and SAP BW deliver “key insights” for steering the business processes in the most effective manner. If we add Fiori to simplify the business processes, we see a very effective combination. With our latest innovation: Fiori for BW we add an extra solution to our data visualization portfolio. The possibility to consume BW queries directly in Fiori! By means of the intuitive Fiori user interface, you can consume the data directly and transform it into beautiful graphs and visualizations. Of course you have the possibility to share the results of your efforts by adding the visualization as a KPI to your main page or to send it to a colleague for further analysis. The end result is always a seamless integration with the rest of your Fiori tiles.

Fiori and SAP BW, how does it work?

The way of working is what we can expect from Fiori: user friendly

Select your query in the list of available queries:



Select the chacteristics and key figures:


Visualize the outcome:



Create a KPI of your favorite report or most important strategical information:



Share your result as an URL, tile or export it to PDF or Excel:


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Main capabilities


  • SAP certified solution
  • Seamless integration in existing Fiori environments
  • Can be used with or without SAP BusinessObjects
  • Works “out of the box”
  • Mobile or on desktop
  • Many visualisation possibilities
  • Possibility to share visualisations with colleagues
  • Export to PDF or Excel
  • Possibility to create your own KPI tiles
  • Language independent
  • Small investment!