SAP Analytics Cloud

The new total solution for BI, predictive analytics, planning and GRC

Analytics in the Cloud is hot. According to a recent study by Enterprise Management Associates, cloud-based strategies are becoming increasingly important. Main drivers are the need to spend less time on data acquisition and the speed and agility of information. Two subjects not always easily combined in 1 EDW that is built by IT and supposed to contain a version of the truth according to company standards.

SAP Analytics Cloud

The time when the EDW was supposed to be the only source of correct information has long gone. Local departments have started looking for creative ways to meet their many ad-hoc reporting needs, while IT tries to convince them that that is of course not the reason the company spends millions on building up the corporate memory. As always, the truth is somewhere in between.

SAP has created a new solution for this challenge: SAP Analytics Cloud the new all-in-one solution for BI, Predictive Analytics, planning and GRC. An all-in-1 product, real-time, in the Cloud and user-friendly. Actually the best of both worlds: a platform that (can) use(s) the existing EDWs, but also allows the business the flexibility to add its own data and models.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a platform that consists of all existing analytical functionalities that we know from all other SAP front-end BI tools. The environment has been developed completely from scratch and runs only in the cloud (contrary to older on-premise cloud solutions such as for example).


What makes this solution so valuable:

1 central platform for all your analytics

Obtain the best insights from your current data

Optimize the use of your existing investments in BI and SAP HANA

Fast decision-making: detect real-time opportunities and act on them immediately

Empowerment: get to work with data models, reports, planning, simulations and visualizations yourself. Accessible and user-friendly

Profit from the cloud advantages: rapid implementation, scalable, access anytime and anywhere, automatic updates and lower IT-management costs

In this era of digital transformation the speed at which data are being converted into valuable management information is crucial to success. Only if this conversion runs smoothly can you realize innovation and growth. SAP Analytics Cloud helps you to realize that promise. You connect data, detect real-time opportunities and take the initiative.

Data Connectivity

SAC has 2 strategies to connect data sources: Import and Online. The import version resembles the Lumira scenarios in which the data set must be imported completely and adjusted before being used for visualizations and analysis. For the online option this data replication is redundant and it can be used immediately.


The visualization and analysis tools in SAC look good. It is very easy to create charts and use them to build a story (dashboard/report). As in Lumira, the chart can be adjusted ‘live’ without the necessity to record or to publish the story first and can therefore be used immediately. Replacing and sizing of objects goes fast.


Users can show data in SAC from a manual model that is extremely suitable for planning purposes among others. After showing the data and processing them, the processed data may be stored in a target system (i.e. SAP BW, HANA and Google Drive) for further purposes. Therefore SAP Analytics Cloud is very suitable for planning cycles.

Digital Boardroom

Digital Boardroom is a premium feature in SAC that requires an additional license. In principle Digital Boardroom is an extra layer on top of SAC, allowing you to use stories in a setup of 3 screens during meetings. These 3 stories are being displayed on large touchscreens and are connected so that you can easily scroll through the screens.

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