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Data Archiving: Nearline Storage OutBoard

DataVard OutBoard™ is a Nearline Storage (NLS) archiving solution that enables ongoing control of data growth and operational cost.

DataVard OutBoard™ is 100% SAP embedded and certified. It is the only solution that does not require any external storage. The tool compresses archived data up to 95% of its size while keeping it available at all times for reporting and ETL.

DataVard OutBoard™ helps to:

reduce operational efforts and expenses

decrease system size

keep archived data readily available

raise system performance (esp. data load, backups and recovery)

simplify your systems’ administration

How it works

DataVard OutBoard™ uses flexible data analysis to store the data from SAP BW into an Nearline Storage (NLS) based on their age and operational relevance. Day-to-day business data stays in online database, while old and cold data is archived. Nearlined data remains accessible for reporting, data load and analysis tools.

More storage options available

For very large systems or under SAP HANA infrastructure costs and licenses may make it necessary to store archived data outside the existing operational database. For that purpose we have created a comprehensive Storage Management module for OutBoard™ that allows you to connect:

SAP Sybase IQ

Apache Hadoop

Any SAP certified DBMS (Oracle DB, IBM DB/2, MS SQL, MaxDB, ASE)

File / Cloud based storage (e.g. Netapp, EMC)

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