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Lower your operational costs

Cross System Housekeeping: OutBoard ERNA

The OutBoard™ housekeeping module ERNA decreases system size, raises performance and minimizes housekeeping effort that leads to the reduction of operational cost. All data in SAP systems require efficient maintenance in order to keep SAP ERP, BW and CRM systems clean and productive.

ERNA is a smart housekeeping solution that:

shrinks your database by deleting unnecessary / temporary data

speeds up system performance

automatically handles mass processing of data trash

monitors and schedules all housekeeping processes from one central place for all systems

Temporary data

SAP customers often have as much as 30-40% of their database polluted with temporary data, which quickly loose purpose and value. Examples of temporary data are:

PSA & Changelogs

Application Log (BALDAT)

Batch Log


Alert Management Data (SARLT*)

Spool (TST03)

Process Chain Logs

Change & Transport System

In order to assure high performance and low system size this data should be deleted as soon as possible. Manual housekeeping is time consuming and error prone.

How it works

OutBoard™ ERNA helps you to optimize your SAP systems and frees your resources by automating and moving temporary and system data. This data is compressed and stored in a special ERNA recycle bin for a chosen period of time and only then deleted automatically. While the data is in the recycle bin, users can retrieve the data at any time and use them if needed.

Thanks to mass processing you can execute and monitor all housekeeping activities across your SAP landscape (ERP, BW, CRM etc.) from one central cockpit.

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