SAP Lumira

Ultimate freedom with SAP self-service BI

With Lumira SAP has the best product for self-service BI. It is a desktop-based visualization and data handling solution that allows business users to gain insight into a variety of business and personal data sources. The data can be modelled and transformed based on personal insight without any scripting, a tool aimed at the business. To improve cooperation stories can be shared with colleagues through Lumira.


The ‘Interdobs Lumira Kickstarter “will enable you to:

Quickly to realize a first Lumira Story

Take your organization to the appropriate level of knowledge

Provide insight into a clear rollout plan

We do this based on four solid components: Co-creation, Education, Rollout plan and Prepaid support.

Lumira co-creation

Lumira is ideal for quickly realizing solid and visually attractive results. With this in mind, this tool was designed. But seeing is believing.

Therefore, together with you we will realize a first Lumira story based on data from your own organization. The advantage is that knowledge and skills are gained while building by your organization and at the end there is a useful product.

During this process our consultant can immediately show and discuss the possibilities of Lumira in real-time.

“Taking into account your wishes together with our Interdobs consultant a Lumira story will be created that exploits the full potential of Lumira. For example: you can combine different sources in one Lumira story, SAP and non-SAP.”


During a tailor-made training, we will provide your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to create an effective and informative Lumira Story.

This training can be fully customized and tailored. In which we can also incorporate exercises based on data from your own organization. All four components of Lumira will be addressed: prepare, visualize, compose and share.

“A mix of training and co-creation also is among the possibilities. This allows direct application of the knowledge gained from the training.”

Rollout plan

To ensure the next steps are aligned with the priorities of your organization, we will jointly with key stakeholders draft together a plan for the realization of the next Lumira stories.

The location of the Lumira Server in your organization is discussed and included in the plan. Here we look at both the priorities set by the business and to the complexity of the Lumira stories. We determine which activities are executed by Interdobs and which activities are executed by your company’s employees.

Eventually, the roll-out plan is aimed at a result that the brings your organization forward!

Prepaid support

Do you want full flexibility?

As an optional service, we offer you prepaid support that allows you on-call support from our SAP Lumira experts.

Through which Interdobs experts can be leveraged in various ways. For instance for: QA, training, sparring, realization, Lumira implementation, etc.

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