Empowering S/4HANA Customers with Enhanced Cloud Data Solutions: SAP Datasphere’s 2024 Pricing Update

Empowering S/4HANA Customers with Enhanced Cloud Data Solutions: SAP Datasphere’s 2024 Pricing Update

SAP Datasphere has introduced a significant update to its pricing structure in 2024, marking a strategic shift towards enhanced flexibility and cost efficiency. This update is not just a response to evolving market demands but also a strategic alignment with the broader industry trend towards scalable and adaptable data solutions.

Capacity Calculator


Key Highlights of the SAP Datasphere Pricing Update


Enhanced Flexibility:

The newly introduced pricing model offers a dynamic structure that allows businesses to select and pay only for the features and capacities they actually need. Pricing has always been a bit of a hurdle for smaller companies running e.g. their ERP on S/4HANA Public Cloud. The pricing of Datasphere was in the same ballpark as the ERP license. Not a great pricing model.

The new modular approach caters to a wide range of business sizes and types, from small startups to large enterprises, ensuring that companies can scale their data solutions in alignment with their growth. Need a Data lake or BW Bridge? Simply add those to the calculator to add additional services.

So what has changed next to the “cafetaria”  model?

Optimized capacity services:

  • Memory optimized compute which now comes in smaller block sizes of 16GB Memory versus 64GB Memory and now the service requires less capacity units per hour
  • Disk storage also comes in smaller block sizes of 16GB storage, and in increments of 64GB of storage. The required capacity units per hour has also been reduced
  • Premium Outbound Integration, the first 3 tiers have been optimized and require less capacity units per 20GB block.


Reduced Entry Costs:

Lowering the entry costs significantly, SAP Datasphere has become more accessible, especially to smaller companies and startups. This democratization of advanced data services is expected to drive wider adoption and empower more businesses to leverage data analytics for strategic decisions.


Increased Transparency:

With the new pricing structure, SAP provides greater transparency, which aids companies in better planning their budgets and IT expenditures. Companies can now understand the costs associated with different service tiers and features upfront, helping them manage finances more effectively.


Optimized for Various Workloads:
The pricing adjustments also bring enhancements tailored to different workloads, whether they are compute-heavy, storage-intensive, or require high-speed data processing. This ensures optimal cost-efficiency and performance for varied business needs.


A Specific Look at S/4HANA Customers

As mentioned before, for S/4HANA customers who are in need of a robust cloud-based data warehouse solution, the new pricing model is particularly compelling. Many of these customers face challenges with performance, the need to integrate multiple data sources from various systems, and the requirement for user-friendly data modelling tools. The enhancements in SAP Datasphere address these issues head-on, providing great pricing, the power of business content and symantic onboarding for easy creation of models.

For a demo of the semantic onboarding capabilities, see the following clip:



SAP Datasphere’s 2024 pricing update is a forward-thinking approach that caters to the immediate and strategic needs of businesses across various sectors. By lowering cost barriers and enhancing system flexibility, SAP is not only supporting the current generation of digital transformations but is also positioning itself as a key player in the future of enterprise data management. For S/4HANA customers, this is particularly good news, offering them a path to overcome performance bottlenecks and integration challenges with a user-friendly, efficient cloud data warehouse solution.

For a deeper dive into how these changes can specifically benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us!

Ronald Konijnenburg