Pioneering Datasphere: A Consultant’s Voyage Through SAP’s Data Evolution

Pioneering Datasphere: A Consultant’s Voyage Through SAP’s Data Evolution

In the ever-evolving world of data management and analytics, the journey to expertise is as dynamic as the technology itself. My adventure into the realm of SAP Datasphere serves as a testament to this continuous evolution. Starting out as an early adopter and consultant in this niche, I encountered a landscape where resources were scarce, and learning paths were as intricate as the data we sought to untangle. I remember vividly logging on for the first time over 4 years ago and figuring out what exactly I was looking at :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

The challenge was not just in mastering the technology, but in piecing together fragmented knowledge to build a cohesive understanding of a powerful tool that was set to redefine data warehousing in the cloud era. Coming from an SAP BW world, this had its challenges, but it’s safe to say that SAP Datasphere can be an incredible tool for faster “time to information”. Or in simpler terms, a tool that shortens development cycles. That is, if you know what you’re doing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. This blog is here to help you out and give you all you need to scale your knowledge in a cloud world!


So, what again is SAP Datasphere?

SAP Datasphere, previously known as SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, is a cutting-edge cloud-based data management and analytics service. It is a unified service for data integration, cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, and virtualizing workloads across all your data. SAP Datasphere facilitates data democratization, allowing users from both business and IT backgrounds to access, understand, and utilize their data effectively. With its persona-driven approach and powerful in-memory database SAP HANA Cloud as its foundation, SAP Datasphere enables real-time insights and decision-making across the enterprise, and is the technology foundation that supports a business data fabric architecture.


And things are looking bright for the future. New functionality is continuously added. At the event on March 6, 2024, SAP announced the following new capabilities:

  • Seamless planning (real time integration between SAP Analytics Cloud Planning and SAP Datasphere)
  • Generative AI with Joule
  • SAP Datasphere knowledge graph


The latter enables complex multi-hop queries by representing relationships between nodes as simple edges, keeping them easily traceable by LLMs. It will allow users to augment business context and evolve the graph structure in the ontology editor and use existing entities to pre-populate data for workflows in SAP Datasphere and Joule, saving time and effort for customers. Check out the executive blog!


The Dawn of SAP Datasphere

As I described, my initiation into SAP Datasphere, then a new technology, was met with enthusiasm and a fair share of trepidation. The promise of a unified, cloud-based data management platform was compelling, yet the path to proficiency was riddled with trial and error, piecemeal tutorials, and a community still finding its feet. The early days were characterized by a pioneering spirit, where each new discovery about SAP Datasphere‘s capabilities felt like a breakthrough. Great times, but how they have changed!


The Transformation: Access and Resources

Fast forward to today, and the landscape for learning SAP Datasphere has transformed dramatically. Almost as much as the transition from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud into SAP Datasphere.

What was once a niche, almost cryptic field, has now blossomed into a well-supported ecosystem brimming with resources, courses, and a vibrant community. This metamorphosis is not just about the availability of learning materials but represents a paradigm shift in how SAP nurtures its technologies and supports its practitioners.


A World of Resources at Your Fingertips

The contrast between then and now could not be starker. SAP Learning now offers an expansive suite of resources tailored for SAP Datasphere enthusiasts of all levels. From the foundational courses that introduce the basics of SAP Datasphere set up and spaces, to advanced tutorials that delve into the nuances of data modeling and integration options.


Embracing the Community and Collaborative Learning

The SAP Community has evolved to become the backbone of the learning experience. Engaging with fellow SAP Datasphere consultants and enthusiasts offers a rich tapestry of insights, tips, and shared challenges that accelerate the learning process. The community’s forums, blogs, and discussion groups serve as a real-time classroom where knowledge is both consumed and contributed, creating a dynamic learning environment that grows with the technology.


Strategic Partnerships and Expanding Capabilities

SAP’s strategic partnerships have significantly expanded SAP Datasphere’s capabilities and, by extension, the learning opportunities for consultants. Collaborations with industry leaders in data management and AI, such as Collibra, Confluent, Databricks, and DataRobot, have enriched SAP Datasphere’s ecosystem, offering new dimensions of functionality and integration.

These partnerships not only enhance the platform’s utility but also broaden the scope of skills and knowledge required to leverage SAP Datasphere fully, making you an even more valuable consultant.


The SAP Datasphere Guided experience: A Hands-on Approach to Learning

Perhaps the most transformative change has been the accessibility of SAP Datasphere through trial accounts. This hands-on experience allows consultants and newcomers alike to dive into the platform, experiment with its features, and apply what they’ve learned in a practical, risk-free environment. This direct engagement with SAP Datasphere is invaluable for cementing theoretical knowledge through practical application.


Looking Ahead: The Future of SAP Datasphere learning

As I reflect on my journey from the early days of limited resources to the present wealth of learning materials, community support, and strategic partnerships, it’s clear that the path to becoming an SAP Datasphere consultant is more accessible and rewarding than ever before.

The evolution of the learning ecosystem around SAP Datasphere is a mirror to the platform’s growth and sophistication. For those embarking on this journey, the message is clear: the resources, community, and opportunities are there, ripe for the taking. Now is the time to dive in, explore, and carve your niche in the future of cloud-based data management and analytics. The great part, remember SAP BW? SAP Datasphere has you covered with SAP Datasphere, SAP BW Bridge. Even your SAP BW skills will flourish even more. Who would have thought.

Embrace the journey, for in the world of SAP Datasphere, the possibilities are as boundless as the data itself!


And there is even more, introducing the SAP Certified Associate – Data Analyst – SAP Analytics Cloud!

It is the first role-based certification in the analytics area. It’s a comprehensive certification that covers the entire spectrum of a data analyst’s role within SAP Analytics Cloud. From planning and to story design, predictive analytics, and administration – this certification is designed to empower you with the skills needed to navigate the intricate landscape of SAP Analytics Cloud.  

This is about mastering a full spectrum of tools and techniques to make you a well-rounded SAP Analytics Cloud expert – not only with theoretical aspects, but also with practical insights that can be applied in real-world scenarios. SAP has 13 learning journeys to help you prepare.


Get started by learning the basics with these three free Learning Journeys:


For those looking to dive deeper into SAP Datasphere, here’s a curated list of essential online resources to kickstart or advance your journey:

  • SAP Learning Hub: Start with SAP’s official learning platform, offering a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels tailored to SAP Datasphere.
  • openSAP Microlearning: For quick, bite-sized learning sessions on specific aspects of SAP Datasphere and related technologies.
  • SAP Community: A vibrant community where you can engage with other SAP Datasphere professionals, ask questions, and share insights.
  • SAP Developers: Tutorials and missions designed to provide hands-on experience with SAP Datasphere: 
  • SAP Training and Certification: Discover official training and certification programs to validate your SAP Datasphere expertise.
  • SAP Help Portal: The go-to place for comprehensive documentation on SAP Datasphere, including technical guides and product details.
  • Guided Experience | SAP Datasphere: Walk through key workflows and core features in a guided manner, receive direction on what to do and where to click, and get explanations and descriptions of actions and features.


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Ronald Konijnenburg