So you want to connect Databricks to Datasphere and Vice versa? Look no further!

So you want to connect Databricks to Datasphere and Vice versa? Look no further!

SAP Datasphere & Databricks: Teaming Up for a Data Revolution

I am sure you have heard about the new partnership between SAP Datasphere and Databricks. It’s exciting stuff in the world of data management and analytics. SAP Datasphere and Databricks are like the dynamic duo of data, each bringing their superpowers to the table. SAP Datasphere is all about handling business data efficiently, while Databricks shines with its top-notch data lakehouse architecture.

What’s Cooking in the Data Kitchen?

Imagine having a massive amount of data from different corners of your business – sales, customer service, supply chain, you name it. Now, handling this data can be a headache. But here’s where the partnership comes into play. It’s like having a master chef (SAP Datasphere) and a baking expert (Databricks) working together to whip up the most delicious data pie you’ve ever tasted.

The Secret Sauce: Data Federation and Management

One of the coolest parts of this partnership is the focus on data federation. Think of it as a way to use data from different sources without the hassle of copying or moving it around. This approach is super helpful in reducing the complexities that come with managing data spread across various platforms.

Making the Connection

There’s some nifty work behind the scenes to make this all possible. The Data Provisioning Agent (DP agent) needs to be set up to link SAP Datasphere and Databricks SQL. It’s like setting up a secure bridge between the two platforms. On the Databricks side fedML can be used, or even simpler, also a JDBC connection!

And here’s something cool – we have already created a full-fledged demo showing how this connection works, both from Datasphere to Databricks and vice versa. We are giving a sneak peek into the future of data integration.

Why It’s a Big Deal

So, why is this partnership such a game changer? Because it tackles some big challenges in the data world – like high data latency, data loss, and the hassle of rebuilding the business context in data lakes which is basically THE number one pain point acrross ALL my customers. Plus, it’s a more cost-effective solution for managing and analyzing data. How can you loose.

The Bottom Line

The SAP Datasphere and Databricks partnership is revolutionizing how businesses handle and analyze data. It’s not just about the technical integration; it’s a strategic move towards a more advanced and unified approach to managing the complexities of modern business data ecosystems. And that, my friends, is pretty awesome!


Merry Xmas from the whole Interdobs team!


Ronald Konijnenburg