Why the SAP BW Bridge in SAP Datasphere is crucial for on-premise SAP BW customers and how Interdobs simplifies the migration to the cloud!

Why the SAP BW Bridge in SAP Datasphere is crucial for on-premise SAP BW customers and how Interdobs simplifies the migration to the cloud!


The transition to the cloud has become increasingly attractive in recent years for companies looking for a better, more flexible, and cost-effective infrastructure. For on-premise SAP BW customers, the SAP BW Bridge in SAP Datasphere is a crucial solution to facilitate this transition. No need to purchase an expensive BW/4HANA license; instead, a monthly fee can be paid for the utilized service.


Pricing calculator

The smallest configuration is already available for 7700CUs per month for a combination of Datasphere and BW Bridge!


In this blog, we discuss the benefits of the SAP BW Bridge and how Interdobs offers a specialized proposition to simplify the migration to the cloud.


The crucial role of the SAP BW Bridge

The SAP BW Bridge serves as a seamless interface between the traditional on-premise SAP BW system and the cloud-based SAP Datasphere solution. This is critical for on-premise SAP BW customers, as it enables them to gradually and securely move their existing data and objects to the cloud without major disruptions to their business processes.

Some benefits of the SAP BW Bridge include:

  • Flexibility: The SAP BW Bridge allows for the integration of existing data and objects with cloud-based solutions, enabling businesses to adapt their infrastructure at their own pace.
  • Cost-efficiency: By facilitating the transition to the cloud, businesses can benefit from lower infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with cloud solutions.
  • Scalability: The cloud offers businesses the ability to quickly and easily scale their storage and computing needs, a significant advantage over traditional on-premise systems.


Interdobs and the migration to the cloud

Interdobs provides an excellent proposition to simplify migration to the cloud. With our comprehensive knowledge of SAP systems and years of experience working with on-premise SAP BW customers, we have developed a structured approach to make the migration smooth and efficient.

One of the key features of the Interdobs approach is the selective migration of data and objects. Instead of adopting an all-or-nothing approach, Interdobs first identifies which data and objects are truly important for the business and then focuses on migrating only those elements to the cloud. This ensures a targeted and cost-efficient migration, allowing businesses to get the most value from their investment in the cloud.


Using the Interdobs BW Bridge Optimizer, objects for transfer to the BW bridge can be entered.



Not only BW InfoProvider used by queries are identified in our scan. Even lookup objects in AMDPs!



For on-premise SAP BW customers, the SAP BW Bridge in SAP Datasphere is an essential solution to facilitate the transition to the cloud and take advantage of the many benefits that cloud solutions offer. Interdobs plays a crucial role in this process through their extensive expertise and structured approach, focusing on migrating only the most important data and objects. This makes the transition to the cloud smoother, more efficient, and cost-effective for businesses.

By partnering with Interdobs, on-premise SAP BW customers can enjoy a seamless migration experience while benefiting from the many advantages that the SAP BW Bridge and SAP Datasphere offer, including:

  1. Enhanced data analysis: Migration to the cloud provides businesses with access to advanced data analysis tools and capabilities, allowing them to gain better insights and make more informed decisions.
  2. Improved collaboration: Cloud solutions, like SAP Datasphere, enable teams to collaborate on data analysis, regardless of their location. This enhances communication and collaboration among team members and contributes to a more efficient working environment.
  3. Increased security: Cloud providers, like SAP, offer advanced security measures to protect corporate data. By leveraging the SAP BW Bridge and SAP Datasphere, businesses can benefit from these security measures and reduce their risk of data loss or theft.
  4. Simpler management: Managing cloud solutions is often simpler and less time-consuming than maintaining on-premise systems. This means that IT teams can spend more time supporting core business processes and innovation.


In conclusion, the SAP BW Bridge in SAP Datasphere is a crucial solution for on-premise SAP BW customers looking to modernize their infrastructure and benefit from the advantages of the cloud. By partnering with Interdobs, businesses can experience a smooth and cost-effective migration that helps them maximize the value of their data and improve their business outcomes!

Ronald Konijnenburg