Userfriendly reports and dashboards with real guidance information

Business Intelligence is more than calculating a KPI or building reports with automated figures. Ultimately it is about “the story the numbers tell” and the “actions taken” based on solid conclusions. Interdobs has a methodical way of realizing data visualizations that tell the right story in order to initiate follow-up actions. We make use of market standards as HICHERT®SUCCESS and Stephen Few.

sap-bi-cubeSAP BI provides a platform for collecting and combining data (the data warehouse) and a reporting environment with which this information can be presented and analyzed. There are three types of tools: Self-service, Dashboards / Apps and Reporting tools. Each type has its own characteristics and user group. Below we will describe the different tools.
Interdobs has experienced consultants who can provide tailored advice which tools best suit your company’s specific needs and requirements.

Self service


Analysis is the successor of BEx Analyzer and BEx Web Analyzer and is just like the BEx tools available as MS Excel plug-in or as web version. Analysis is the ideal tool for the end-users with deeper analysis needs. It is especially useful for the unlocking and analyzing of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) sources. With respect to Web Intelligence, Analysis offers more extensive analysis capabilities.

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is the latest innovation in the SAP Business Objects family, and is the response from SAP to Qlikview, Spotfire and Tableau. Lumira is a desktop based visualization and data manipulation solution that gives its users insight into a wide variety of business as well as personal data sources (CSV, Excel, HANA, Universe). Without the need for scripting, users can shape and transform this data at their own discretion. Subsequently this data can be analyzed and presented with beautiful visualizations, resulting in unique information that is easier and much faster to share than ever before.
Furthermore, the Predictive Analysis plug-in makes it possible to use Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) from SAP HANA through Lumira for more complex analysis and predictions.

The following workflow steps are guided by Lumira. In Lumira 4 tabs are present: prepare, visualize, compose and share.

  • Prepare: the data can be enriched and cleansed by standard functions. Also, new fields are added based on calculations.
  • Visualize: In this tab charts (bar chart, line chart, table, etc) are made which later are the basis for a story. All this based on the dimensions and measures from the prepare tab.
  • Compose: The visualizations from the previous tab are merged into a document, called story. Further, text, icons, input controls can be added. These can also be used to make an infographic.
  • Share: share your newly created story with colleagues via PDF or plain data. The story can also be uploaded to a server Lumira. Here the reader can also make small individual changes if desired.

Dashboards and apps

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is positioned by SAP in the center of the SAP Business Intelligence spectrum. This opens up the possibility to filter the right information from bigger data sets and to present this information through visualizations, dashboarding and even BI Apps. SAP Design Studio was designed specifically with the “Mobile First Principle”, and it offers the advantage of using existing applications directly on mobile devices.


Dashboards become Apps: Using the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio results no longer in a dashboard, but instead it becomes an ‘application’. This App can then be run and used on an iPad (or any device). We offer a conscientious and customer focused approach, in which we merge SAP technology with our market knowledge in the context of a specific organization. This enables us the correctly present the much needed navigation metrics for organizations.  For more details, please check the SAP Press book by Interdobs consultants Xavier Hacking en Jeroen van der A.


Using Crystal Reports offers the possibility to design reports using different layouts, fonts, colors, text positioning, data, graphs and other objects. In other words: Pixel Perfect. The emphasis is on static reports, however they can also be made interactive, for example by integrating Dashboarding. Crystal Reports can be offered to users through the Web or by exporting into PDF, MS Word, MS Excel or RTF files.

Web Intelligence: In contrast to Crystal Reports that focuses mainly on static, more defined reports, Web intelligence offers the end user the option to build, adjust and share interactive reports.Web intelligence is a straightforward and intuitive tool available within the web based environment