The power of in-memory for your SAP Business Suite and business warehouse

It has been predicted by analysts that ‘In-memory-computing’ will have a similar impact on the IT industry as the internet and ‘cloud computing’. Things like “real time, self service Business Intelligence” and ” unlimited data exploration on Big Data” are already possible but this is just the beginning.

HANA makes SAP one of the leading players in this domain and Interdobs has been part of this development from the beginning. Interdobs was SAP’s first Dutch partner with multiple certified SAP HANA consultants and has been involved in various projects from day one. Moving to SAP HANA is more than a database migration for organizations.  By effectively using real-time data, SAP HANA opens a way to realize business benefits. This development does demand new ways of thinking in the context of the existing economic, technical and organizational reality. It questions the effectiveness of the already implemented solution.

Will it be wise to continue with the existing roadmaps?
Is this truly the right time to embrace SAP HANA?
What route offers your organization the best advantage: the revolution or the evolution?

The Interdobs approach

The Interdobs approach assists organizations in making the right choices, and at the same time using this technological change to advance their Business Intelligence level. Its surely not just about rapid availability of data but even more so, it is about offering a combination of faster, smarter and more flexible information to users. Interdobs doesn’t just keep in mind the desired returns but also pays attention the (re)usability of the existing landscape and BI solutions. The Interdobs’ consultants  will use their knowledge to guide you forward. 


The future of operational reporting is being determined by SAP HANA Live. This application gives users the opportunity to directly unlock the data from the HANA database. Both data from operational SAP systems as well as data from other sources that needs to be uploaded into the HANA database can be used here. Interdobs is, like no other, able to determine what data could be reported directly through SAP HANA Live and in what situation a Data Warehouse will be a better alternative.

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